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13.10.15 - Pretty much closed
- I suppose I should have made it official a while ago. This archive is closed, period. I won't stop anyone from using it, and I'll leave it up for archival purposes, but there is no support being provided at this time. Currently the authors link doesn't work, and I can't find the problem. Best solution is for me to remove it. After that, I won't work on it for the most part. Everyone's pretty much at Ao3, so I would definitely suggest going there instead.

Thanks for the memories.

08.09.10 - Finally... that overdue move
- If you can see this, it means domain propagation is complete and we are FINALLY on a new host. Doesn't mean things might still be back to rights, but some we just don't catch until it's put to normal use. So if something's amiss, please let us know. I'll likely post with a new contact addie in a bit. Right now, there's sleep to be had. zzzz

02.07.10 - everything and the kitchen sink
- It's been awhile, and the site has been on a yoyo far as being up, down, working, not working. And it's not over, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Basically, the short version was RL exploded and left it almost impossible to really look after the place. (Unfortunately leaving a hole for comment spammers to hit.) Then the current (soon to be ex) host have done numerous things behind the scenes without telling us. So now we're in the middle of a complete host transfer, scheduled for this weekend if all goes well. As for comment spam, for the time we've turned off anonymous reviews, so only those with an account can leave a review.

An upgrade to the software is also planned, though it may mean the loss of some features while gaining new ones. However, that's in the far off future. For now the main goals are to find a new, more stable home and make sure the ship is still afloat.

06.10.08 - Recent Issue
- As you may have noticed, Yaoiville was recently hacked. We believe everything has been restored, however if you find something out of the ordinary, please use the Contact form to let us know!

We will be seeking a new host so that this doesn't happen again.

26.05.08 - Kalloway's Picks Updated
- Kalloway's Picks have been updated. If you know of a very good story on this site and want to see it featured, use the contact form to let Kalloway know about it!

Also, if you'd like a separate category for a fandom, please include at least a partial character list with your request for the category. Thank you!

13.05.08 - PSoH Character list revision
- The character list for Petshop of Horrors has been revised. Thanks to Ariss Tenoh for the revisions.

18.03.08 - server reset
- Things appear to be functioning. The host rebooted the server. Why, I don't know. I can only guess at the cause. I think for safety and practical reasons I will still look at a new hosting solution to hopefully try and minimise these random outages.

18.03.08 - Server upgrades NOW causing trouble
- I'm now noticing trouble from those server upgrades. I'm sending a trouble ticket to the server now. Again, there's no easy way to lock down the site, so I ask everyone to avoid posting until further notice. Hopefully the end solution won't require a new server altogehter.

16.03.08 - Updates finished
- The host has finished updating the databases. The site appears to have survived and will resume normal operations. If you run into any issues, please send a message so we can report it. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

14.03.08 - Server Database Updates
- The host for this place is updating the databases on the 15th. I've already downloaded a backup of the site's DB. Now I'm just crossing fingers the update doesn't cause any problems. There's no easy way to lock down the site, so just be warned that anything posted after this message may be lost after the update. I will post again once the update is finished.


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